TACFIT Commando Review

In this TACFIT Commando review, we’ll take an inside look at this popular program of bootcamp fitness workouts and try to answer the question, “Does TACFIT Commando work?” once and for all. We’ll also discuss the Tactical Readiness Diet Plan, required equipment, and some additional tips for getting the very best results from your bootcamp workouts.

What is TACFIT Commando?

TACFIT Commando is a hardcore bodyweight-only workout program that is based on the actual workouts being used right now by “Flow Coach” Scott Sonnon to train Navy SEALs, U.S. secret service, Israeli counter-terrorism, bodyguards to the Italian Prime Minister, US federal agents, American special ops personnel, law enforcement agencies, firemen, and even MMA fighters.

The TACFIT Commando workouts are ultra-intense, and can be completed anytime, anywhere. Since the program consists of bodyweight routine workouts, no fitness equipment is necessary. Also, each 20 minute bootcamp workout can be completed in about the same amount of space you’d need to lie down in.

Is TACFIT Commando a Scam?

One of the first things many people wonder when when first hear about the TACFIT Commando workout is whether or not it’s a scam. The concept of being able to exercise without weights and get super fit is new to a lot of people, and it might seem like a hoax to someone who has gone to a gym their entire life.

The bottom line is, TACFIT Commando program is not a scam, a hoax, or a ripoff — these bootcamp exercises really do work as well as advertised and really have to be experienced firsthand to believe.

What is Included With the TACFIT Commando Workout Program?

Unlike other bootcamp DVDs and bodyweight exercise programs that have to be ordered and then shipped, the TACFIT Commando program is delivered instantly via download when you place your order.

That means you won’t get hit with any unexpected, overpriced shipping and handling charges, and best of all, you won’t have to wait to begin using these ultra-effective military workouts. You can get started immediately when you purchase the program.

When you buy TACFIT Commando, you’ll gain instant access to the following ebook guides, .pdf manuals, and videos:

  • TACFIT Commando Mission Brief Manual
  • TACFIT Commando Mission Calendar
  • Video Mission Briefing Instructional Library
  • Secret Recovery Techniques of the Special Ops Video Series
  • Follow-Along Mission Simulation Videos
  • Rapid Recovery & Breathing Secrets of the Spec Ops
  • The Tactical Readiness Diet Plan
  • The Warrior Recipes eBook
  • “In The Field” Downloadable DVD Video

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