My 10 Incredible Secrets For Quick Fat Loss

Hello everyone,  Fat-Loss-Today on this page I am going to reveal my personal 10 secrets that will bring quick results. These 10 secrets not only bring quick results but they are also great motivation boosters.

Many fat loss programs fail to deliver results but they lack in motivation tips and techniques. Weight loss is not an overnight process and that the reason you have to remain motivated to achieve success in your weight loss journey.

The great thing is you can utilize these motivation secrets in any program like Fat Diminisher Program to stay motivated.

Ok let’s talk about these secrets

Avoid Fad Diets:

The main problem with Fad diets is they work for a short time but in the long term they damage your health, metabolism, and confidence as well. Fad diet forces you on a diet that is completely unnatural for your body and when you can’t sustain them then you gain all your weight back.

That is why it is necessary for you to have a well-structured diet plan, make sensible changes in your lifestyle and have realistic short goals.

Consistency and Patience:

These are two most important things to achieve weight loss goals. It doesn’t matter whatever diet plan you follow or how many hours you spend in GYM you will never get results until you remain consistent and patience.

Most people can’t able to get results in their weight loss plan because they give up too soon. It is very important for you to try any new diet or weight loss plan for 12 weeks before jumping to any conclusion. This is because the body takes around 2-3 months to show any changes.

Train With Weights:

weight-trainingMost so-called fitness experts don’t recommend training with weights for losing weight. However, in my personal view, I feel weight loss can only occur with the combination of three things that are nutritious diet, resistance (weight) training, and cardiovascular training. Most people don’t use weight training and this is why they can’t able to lose weight quickly.

Weight training increases lean muscles in your body which in response boost up metabolism and body start burning fat from its fat stores even when you are sleeping.

If you are women then you don’t have to fear from ‘bulking up’ because it is impossible to bulk up too many muscles due to the minimal amount of testosterone present in your body. Additionally, lifting weights can build some lean muscles that will give some curves and improve the overall appearance of your body.

Write Down Your Goals And Review Them Every Day:

It is really difficult to obtain results from any weight loss plan until you have short and realistic goals. Without any goals, you don’t know where you are going and it is not possible for you to remain motivated for a longer period.

Before starting any new diet plan make sure you write down how many pounds you want to lose in how many days/weeks. It is necessary to remain as much specific as possible like “I want to lose 10 pounds in 20 days” etc. Goal setting is not only sexy but they are also entertaining as well.

Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone:

In your weight loss journey, you will get many troubles and hurdles but if you give up against them then what will happen? You will get back to your unhealthy habits and start gaining weight.

It is necessary for you to see every trouble or hurdle as a challenge and fight against it. It is possible you will have some bad days in your weight loss journey but always keep in mind these odd bad days are very few in numbers as compare to your good days. Many people include one cheat day in every week to enjoy the food they love and interesting they still able to lose weight.

Plan Out Your Cheat Day:

cheat-dayFor those who don’t know a Cheat Day is a day (maybe in week or month) in which you are allowed to eat your favorite food as much as you can. This Cheat day is a great way to escape from all restrictions and don’t feel binding.

However, it is important to plan out your cheat day as well. For example, make a plan on what you are going to eat on your cheat day and how much. This way you don’t have any leftover for the next day.

Plan Your Meal For Next Day:

Most of us are having very busy schedule and it is almost impossible to cook food every day. If you can’t arrange just 10 minutes to prepare your next day’s meal then you can cook your food in bulk for the whole week on Sunday.

Make sure to never allow yourself to become overly hungry. It is necessary to have some foods within every 3-4 hours. Don’t base on your diet completely on protein instead, add carbohydrates and good fats in your diet as well.

Additionally, protein bars are great for those who are traveling most of the day. But I don’t recommend more than one protein bar per day. It’s best to keep protein bars only for traveling and emergencies.

End Your Cheat Day With a BANG!!

Most people have trouble in completing their cheat day and they have to eat their leftover on the next day. To avoid this problem I have come up with the solution and that is to end cheat day with a BANG.

What I mean if you have to end your cheat day with your most favorite food that may be your favorite coffee or cake piece or slice of fruit and then back to your normal day. This way you know your cheat day is ended and you have to follow your weight loss diet again.

Get Proper Sleep:

Sleeping 7-8 hours in a day is a great way to make your body organs work with their full efficiency. In our busy schedule, it seems that sleeping 7-8 hours is a luxury but it is necessary especially if you are exercising. [Read: 11 Surprising Health Benefits of Sleep]

After a workout session, your body needs enough time to recover and sleeping is the best way to provide sufficient time for your body to heal itself and get ready for next workout session.

Work With Your Body:

It is very important for you to give top priority to your body and health. If you feel exhausted then you have to take one or two day rest and then pick up from where you left off.

In few beginning days, you will feel tired as this is the signaling indication that your body is adapting to few and healthy way of living.


Ok, now you have all my personal 10 secrets of losing weight quickly. I want you to apply some of them in your life and then come back here to let me know about your results. I am waiting to hear from you.