The Complete Metabolic Cooking Package Review

A review of The Complete Metabolic Cooking Package by Dave Ruel and Karine Losier finds it to be an amazing authentic guide filled with 250 tasty fat killing recipes through use of simple everyday metabolism boosting ingredients to make tasty meals that burn body fat saving one the horror of getting on an unsustainable diet or even worse going hungry.


Complete Metabolic Cooking Package Review

Dear friends, welcome to the real world where burning fat is not an easy feat to achieve. The most commonly suggested method is to go on a diet.

Some of the most common problems faced by people on a diet can be:

  • Intense craving for food
  • Inability to maintain a diet and get distracted by food and give in to splurging and then repenting over it
  • Lack of motivation to maintain the diet over longer periods of time
  • The upheavals of day to day life afflicting us with stress, sadness and even boredom
  • Difficulty in overcoming addiction to unhealthy food
  • The time and effort taken to prepare the various diet foods. Who wants to spend hours in the kitchen after a hard day’s work?

As human beings, each of us is different in our ability to deal with the day to day events of life, we differ in our mindsets, will power, high motivation levels to battle on and the determination to see through things to their logical conclusion.

Some of us are naturally blessed with such sterling qualities but sadly the majority of us are not so lucky. We are forced to work hard to achieve our goals as we all have our weaknesses and strengths.

It is not my intention to paint a scenario of doom and gloom. Instead, the complete Metabolic Cooking package provides a huge ray of hope to those of us struggling to lose fat.

For starters, Metabolic Cooking does not promise a panacea for all problems weight related nor does it hype about the usual quackery resorted to by scam product creators in the weight loss arena.


Problems Facing The Weight Loss Industry

Some of the biggest fake claims made by scam artists in the weight loss field exploit the human weaknesses of laziness and the desire for easy solutions to vexing problems without putting in any effort.

A popular claim is one of losing little amounts of weight over lengthy periods of time. Another one promises loss of weight with no physical exercise or diet. Another hugely popular fake claim is that of losing weight while eating as much as possible.

How is Metabolic Cooking different from other fat loss cook books?

A lot of fat loss cookbooks use ingredients that ultimately end up storing fat in the body in the form of sugar, high calorie dressings and margarine.

A lot of these cookbooks are in most cases a collection of recipes akin to a compilation with no specific plan or purpose to achieve the end goal of burning fat. The user is left to her/his imagination to plan and prepare the recipe for the day in a highly unstructured format.

What is unique about Metabolic Cooking?

Fortunately Metabolic Cooking does not promise outlandish fake claims and instead provides those struggling to lose body fat with a very practical and doable solution that involves a very important aspect, the type food that is consumed.

This makes such a huge difference to the end result, this being fat loss, when viewed in perspective. It is the type of food that is the key to burning fat. It is not just ordinary food but food made out of ingredients that helps the body fight fat.

The inherent metabolic power of certain ingredients that make up the recipes in the Metabolic cooking guide provides the key to burning more body fat.

The Metabolic Thermo Charge of food represents the number of calories burnt by the body in breaking down nutrients during consumption of food.


The Metabolic Nutri Profile

This is the system used in Metabolic Cooking where the nutrient intake of all recipes is clearly defined. This helps you ensure that each meal you consumes makes the most of your metabolic rate.


The Metabolic Adaptation Phenomenon

Even the best well structured diet can be an obstacle to fat loss over time. The body gets well adapted to the food intake of the structured diet so much so that fat loss is impossible once this stage is reached. The metabolism is slowed down to match the food that is consumed.

Metabolic Cooking overcomes the Metabolic Adaptation Phenomenon by varying the nutrient intakes regularly through its delicious range of 250 recipes that the body is not allowed to settle down to a routine nutrient intake pattern. This in turn keeps the metabolism high at all times.

Save the best for last goes the saying. Metabolic Cooking recipes are quick to prepare with ready to go meals. The time taken to prepare them is so little allowing you to enjoy the meal more in a relaxed state of mind.


The complete Metabolic Cooking package system is embellished with incredibly unique features such as:

  • Metabolic thermo charge ingredients
  • A wide variety of 250 fat torching recipes that are tasty
  • The Metabolic Nutri-Profile
  • Beating the Metabolic Adaptation Phenomenon
  • A plan and purpose to beating fat through individualized fat loss meal plan
  • Learning tips and tricks on managing your kitchen, meal preparation and food budget
  • Complete access to Metabolic Cooking’s Private list of Resources
  • And so much more

If you are ready to go on a fat loss mission with the aid of tasty recipes outlined in Metabolic Cooking package, you are well on the path to success in reaching your ultimate goal.