Acne No More Review – What You Need to Know

This is our Acne No More Review.  If you are looking for the official Acne No More site, click on the link below.

Acne No More – Official Site

I ran across an ad for Acne No More while doing research for natural remedies on the Medical News Today website (  It claimed to be “The Only Holistic Acne System In Existence!”   Although I have never personally suffered from acne, I do have family members who have spent fortunes on popular pharmaceutical treatments without seeing any real results.   I decided this product deserved my attention so I conducted my research.  Read on for my Acne No More Review.

Acne No More Review – What it Is

Acne No More is holistic approach to treating the root causes of acne, promising to permanently cure  acne in 30 – 60 days.  Traditional acne treatments on the market that view acne as a skin condition and treat just the skin.  Acne No More approaches acne as a warning sign of an internal imbalance in the body and tackles all of the contributing factors to acne, starting from the inside out.

Acne No MoreThe program topics include:

  • An easy daily routine that eradicates all acne symptoms and shows results immediately
  • A report on traditional acne remedies and medications and the conspiracy to rob you of your money
  • The 10 most damaging foods you never should eat
  • The 10 most beneficial foods for a perfect complexion that you should eat every day
  • The secret weapon for clearer complexion that the skin care industry is keeping from you, but celebrities already know and use

These are just a few of the topics covered in this information packed ebook and system.

Acne No More Review – What I Liked

First, I really like it when a product website provides useful information to the prospective buyer.  It just adds to the credibility of the product.  The video on the Acne No More website contains lots of interesting information on acne that I am sure most acne suffers will find very beneficial.

Second, the product developer must have some expert credentials for me to even consider the product.  Mike Walden, the author of Acne No More is a certified nutritionist who suffered from acne for 14 years.  In that time he used every traditional treatment on the market with no success.  The system he developed was a result of 7 years of researching, testing and perfecting his holistic treatment program.

Acne No More Review – What I didn’t like

As I mentioned above, the video on the website is very informative.  It gave me information I never knew on some of the leading causes of acne, and why topical treatments will never cure your acne.  But the video is a bit long and at times it’s a little sales pitchy.   I would much prefer a shorter video with less sales stuff.

Acne No More Review – Overall Thoughts

Acne No More is a comprehensive, holistic approach to treating acne.  The program has a proven track record with over 139,000 customers worldwide as well as an impressive customer satisfaction rating of 98.2%.  I am sure no drug company or skin care company can boast that kind of satisfaction rating!  The program generously includes 90 days of one-on-one personal coaching from the author.   Additionally, Acne No More offers an unconditional 60 day money back guarantee.  I’ve only touched on a few of the benefits in this short space.  I fully recommend Acne No More to anyone who wants a proven, natural remedy to treat their acne.

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